January 28, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 23: Katy and David

We took a road trip one year with the top of the arc a visit to our old friends Katy and David.  Katy is an old college classmate from the 1960’s.  They live in a small rural island inland from the Mendocino Coast.  Katy got her degree as a Children’s Librarian and he was a logger.  As the world changed around them, he got a degree in nursing, and she worked part time in a school and part time at a local bookstore. After lots of train trips plus Burning Man, she is also known as a much-traveled local writer.

Here they are giving one more tour to friends on the Skunk Train.  Yes, we had a wonderful time.

  • Himself:  After work, he had a wonderful, social, birthday dinner with John and I and tons of BBQ.  This morning, he spent four some hours getting my computer running again.  Thank you dear G.
  • Herself:  After almost three hours, he got the Kapersky to turn off and fully run the Combo Fix.  He discovered that I had a little bit of Malware that played with the Registry files.  It needs those to open and run.  It wouldn’t.  It will now.
  • Reading:  Nothing, but brought home a Robert Crais.
  • Balance:  Having my computer running again.


    1. Thank goodness that the PC is running once again. Have you given her/him a name like you do your truck? That photo really sends me some warm vibes from both their eyes. The man looks like he is thinking of an inside joke. I truly admire people who re-mold themselves as life throws them curves.

    2. I had to look the Skunk Train up online. Looks like a fun trip.

    3. How lucky you are to have a computer expert on the premises.
      Lovely photograph of a very interesting couple.

    4. This couple has really found how to deal with life's changes and challenges. Glad your pc is working better and that you had a great time on the 'skunk train'.

    5. You're capturing some lovely lighting on these portraits. Nicely done.

    6. What would we do without our computer? Lol.

    7. Skunk train? I really like the lighting in this photo, her smile, his pensiveness.

    8. Fascinating couple. He, especially, if a very interesting photo subject.


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