January 12, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 7

Granddaughter Mohave discovering the joy of Comic Con.  She belongs here not in the everyday world of the mundane.

  • Himself:  Coughing little.  Heading back to the gym for the first time.  Movie: Beautiful but eternally long.  Got his side of the office really clean…sparkling.  Got the giant quilt washed, dinner, meeting, and a second year episode of West Wing.
  • Herself:  G’s financial person is coming, and our office looked like hell warmed over.  Very disappointed in the movie, couldn’t hear the speaker at the meeting….too soft voiced, but could hear West Wing.  Couldn’t find my good black pants.  Have only one pair.  Did find my black coat in G’s closet.  Gotta find the pants today.
  • Reading:  Still nothing.  Gotta find the pants.
  • Balance:  Finding the pants.  LOL


    1. What was the movie? If you mentioned earlier I apologize. Going to France in spring and trying to think of black dresses that look springish! Still thinking about your FB request as I try to keep these social networks separate (although at least 3 that left Blogger have been befriended on FB now so we can stay in touch)

    2. You are too funny. I can visualize you looking for those pants. You'd be a hit at Comic con. Pretty Mohave.

    3. She's really into it and thoroughly enjoying herself. Super capture.

    4. One of my grandsons is also one of these adventurers.

    5. Oh my! What a beautiful girl! Love this action shot.


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