January 15, 2015

B&W Photo Challenge: Day 10

Captain Poolie.  There’s only one like her.  She sings, she dances the hornpipe, and she can run a corporation too.  What more could one want.

  • Himself:  Slept better last night but still going to the doc today. 
  • Herself:  Re-aleved through modern chemistry.  LOL  Fun with books.  Going out to dinner at Costco.  Something wrong with my right thigh.  Will try to see the doc too.
  • Reading:  Another Perry Christmas.
  • Balance:  It’s a good day.  Even my meds don’t need special authorization today.  What more could one ask.


    1. Hopefully you two are on the mend! Hooray. Love your b&w's.

    2. What a great surprise to see my dear friend, Capt. Poolie on your blog today!~

    3. Nice photo. I am now able to recognize Poolie.

    4. Was she in the Navy? Is that why she is named Captain? I am sure you have explained this before, but forgive me. Did you always have a camera at your side and what did they think of that? OK, enough questions.

    5. Ahhh.. So this is Captain Poolie!


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