January 13, 2015

B&W Photo Challenge: Day 8

There are those who make a difference in their communities…sometimes in the world.  This is Carole, and she is a nurse who cares for her neighborhoods…all of them.  I met her when we both worked for the AIDS Quilt.  Now days, tho she keeps saying she will be volunteering less, you can find her dispensing care in the black community, serving dinner for the poor, and making a difference in the gay community.  Her involvements have echoed out like ripples on the surface of a pond.

  • Himself:  He coughed all night, was hot and got little sleep.  No gym.  I pushed him to call the doctor
  • Herself:  Arthur-itus is with me today.  I’m being gentle with myself.
  • Reading:  Finishing a Perry.
  • Balance:  Keeping moving.


    1. Yup! Call the doctor, we are swamped with flu here in Walla Walla. Hope you both feel better soon.

    2. Get thee to a doctor. With this nasty flu going around you do not want to take chances. Hubby keeps thinking he is coming down with something when he comes back from doing laps at the pool,a place full of germs, but thus far he has fought it off.

    3. I hope you're both feeling better soon.

      This portrait is just lovely. She has a beautiful, warm smile.

    4. A lovely portrait, greeting from Belgium

    5. Beautiful photo of your beautiful friend.

    6. Some folks are just born to be volunteers. Get to the doctor and make sure you are okay. That flue bug is miserable.

    7. Beautiful person, Mage. She looks and sounds like a woman I would love to know.


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