January 2, 2015

Without Color

The Geezer went off to work the auto show yesterday morning, and I had a whole day to myself.  I confess I did little of any weight.  Perhaps skimming a satire counts.  Eventually I found myself on the computer converting my world into black and white.

Like many of us, I grew up with black and white photography.  Oh, occasionally the old Kodak was brought out but not often.  I helped put my first husband through photography at Art Center when Art Center was the hot school in the early sixties.  What ever he learned, I learned.

When I saw the first photos in the 30-Day Black and White Challenge, I thought I could do it easily.  No, not easily.  The photo at the top is a reject.  Little contrast, little drama if you don’t know the subject, and a very grainy 1955 photo.  That’s not a happy man in the middle of his untreated alcoholism.  The photo doesn’t capture this, and I reluctantly rejected it. 

There are more that aren’t bad at all.  Every day I work a little on this project, and I hope soon to be able to share the good ones with you.

  • Himself:  He’s better.  Had fun at the auto show.

  • Herself:  I’m not bad and had fun with B&W.

  • Balance:  Photos that work well.


    1. I love black and white photography. My Dad took hundreds of photos in Appalachia when he worked for the CCC. Unfortunately they have gone by the wayside over the years, and I have none of them.

      Have fun with your project.

    2. I look forward to seeing them.

      I've been taking more and more photos -- would like to do something with them, but not sure what, yet.

    3. Sorry about my last comment. I guess I thought you were on a cruise. I am just now getting back in the swing of things on my blog. Don't know why, but I love black and white pictures too.

    4. I love those black and whites. I gave all the old family photos I had to my two youngest sisters. Nice to have someone who'll take care of them.

    5. Black and white photos are awesome. Sometimes there is more detail you can see in these than in the ones that are colored. Good luck with the contest.

    6. Good black and white photos tell more without the distraction of color, but as I have written before, they are really hard for me to do.

    7. I don't think I've ever tried black and white photos. I imagine I will since my only plan upon retiring is to learn photography.
      Sorry I haven't kept up. Truly I am struggling to maintain my grip at work. Only four more months. Bonnie

    8. B&W is specific to photography: something that we have done that no other artistic area does. I play with this from time to time. See most recent post.

    9. We took some black and white photography when the kids were little. We thought that B&W photos lasted a lot longer. They did in the past, but my brother said the inks changed after a while and they no longer were archival. Now we don't even do prints, but B&W photos are very nostalgic for me. It also takes more effort and talent to do them well since you don't have color to distract you.

    10. Are you working with a photo editing program, like PhotoShop? I turn many of my color pics b/w using that application. I've been afraid to update my OS on the Mac for fear of losing my Adobe apps.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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