February 15, 2015

21st Century Big


Kids rowing in circles at sunset by the Star of India and the Surprise.

He feeds the crows first thing.  Rushing yesterday.  Perhaps he still feels guilty for using the hawk call to chase off the parrots for he also chased off the crows.

Rushing through the morning also meant getting him a new monitor.  The on and off switches on two of his monitors have died.  He does need to see what he is doing at work, so, after great research, we headed out inland.  It was only mid-eighties there.  It was worse as we drove toward home through the valley…in the nineties.

“We have to get you one,” he keeps saying this morning.

Graphics have always been a part of my life.  The screen on my current monitor is 11 and ½ inches tall  x 15 ¾ wide…18 ¾ corner to corner.  His new monitor is straight up and down is 13 ¼ x 23 and ½.  Diagonally is 27.  It’s that width that grabs this graphic artist as a problem. 

Most sites are still designed for the smaller screens.  Most folks can only replace their 11x15 screens by the wide versions.  With the great Geezer on the other side of the desk bound and determined to whip me into a 21st century monitor, I need to begin broadening my design thinking.  Not all of you are wide screen yet, so this is going to offer a problem.  If I enlarge the content, what can you see?  If I broaden the banner, can you see it?  Do any of you have the larger monitors yet?  Oh, endless….

  • Himself:  Two estate sales, one new monitor, a good day at the museum, and a fun meal at Anthony’s by the bay.  There was Mama Ghio in full fig watching all her customers who were wearing shorts and T-shirts.
  • Herself:  Anthony’s menu has undergone changes and all are for the better.  I had a really delicious and low fat swordfish steak with a tomatoe, klamata olive, and caper sauce that was really good.  Yes, there were some older folkks, but a much younger audience was there too.
  • Reading:  The new and last Anne Morrow Lindbergh volume of her diaries and letters.  Depressed to start, but wonderful writing.
  • Balance:
  • Seeing “Still Alice” today.  That will probably depress me, but I feel pressure to see it.


    1. I have a 27 inch monitor and have no problems viewing other blogs.

      David saw Still Alice and enjoyed it.

    2. Yep, screen size of 13.25" x 23.5" is really nice. And is was on sale for $179.99.

    3. Oh you kids. Yes, I can see the wider photo. Very nice touch of humor too. I'm laughing at the kids rowing in circles. I could put a new monitor in my study upstairs, but will I use it? That's the question. I miss touch typing, however. And all I do now is point and click.

    4. I have wide format on my laptop and at work. Absolutely love it!

    5. I think it's best to have fixed-width pages for the internet. People don't tend to track as well if the lines get too long.


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