February 1, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 27: ThomaS

Sometimes we have friends we have known for year yet have never met.  Two years ago, we journeyed to see the Smithsonian Museums.  Thomas came down from New Jersey to visit us as well as visit a grandchild as George Washington University.  Here I caught him in a thoughtful moment.

  • Himself:  Helped recreate some files on my computer.  Weighed, did a notarized statement to move his retirement, ate, worked at the museum, ate out at Filipes in Little Italy and played games.
  • Herself:  Lost weight despite not making it to the gym. Signed here, saved stuff there, went out to eat twice.  We were to eat out with the Jim’s, but Doctor Jim no longer feels well enough to go out.  He needs to be in a home but won’t go.
  • Reading:  Still Jance, and still watching “West Wing.”
  • Balance: 
  • Today: Keeping things small.


    1. Your B&W captures are just wonderful. And I keep meaning to say that I love the lighting in your header.

    2. Thoughtful indeed...almost as if he is in another universe.

    3. Like it! Every part of him makes a statement.

    4. So you and Dianne both lost weight and I gained. Hmmm...


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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