February 2, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 28: A Nutcracker

Granddaughter’s dancing the Nutcracker.  Sometimes one can ask for nothing more.  In this particular shot, the faded colors and the blur made for perfection.  I don’t feel it quite translates to black and white.

  • Himself:  He took me shopping for pants, and I urged him to get a half size larger shirt.  Ross worked well.  Few at the meeting as most were still watching the Super Bowl.  Gym, work, and a meeting many miles north.

  • Herself:  Pants a little bigger.  Coat too small, but I love it.  On the main desktop, I found I only lost a few grandkid pictures from January.  Most importantly, the Alex George shots.  Read while he watched the SB.  Meeting.  Now off to the pool.

  • Reading:  A JA Jance Joanna Brady mystery.

  • Balance: 
  • Perhaps planning simple meals for the week.


    1. Waiting for our gulley washer of a rain to stop so that I can shop for food. We are out of lots of stuff. Hubby "reminded" me I needed to food shop and I told him to make a list. There is no list, but I will make my own. Your photo link is broken on blogger post unfortunately.

    2. What a pretty photo. I love ballet.

    3. Nice and you are correct in it is too romantic for the sharpness of black and white.

    4. It's your granddaughter - of course it's a good photo! :)


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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