February 4, 2015

B&W Challenge : Day 30: Loretta and Marion

These two were very powerful writers.  I caught this moment by chance as they discussed their coming deaths.  I cropped the picture, but the uncropped image seemed to say more.


  1. I like the composition of this one, but have not seen the uncropped one. You did capture a moment of two souls meeting intimately there.

  2. These are great faces, and they are in such earnest conversation. Both versions are fine for me.

  3. I guess I agree with Geezer on the cropping.

  4. Beautiful photo, Mage.

  5. Great photo, catches the pathos of the shared moment.

    PS Thanks for the nice complement on my posts. I'm glad you enjoy them. I sure enjoy coming by here to see your work.

  6. I agree with you. I like the uncropped one better. Is it because it shows depth? I don't know.


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