February 4, 2015

B&W Challenge : Day 30: Loretta and Marion

These two were very powerful writers.  I caught this moment by chance as they discussed their coming deaths.  I cropped the picture, but the uncropped image seemed to say more.


  1. I like the composition of this one, but have not seen the uncropped one. You did capture a moment of two souls meeting intimately there.

  2. These are great faces, and they are in such earnest conversation. Both versions are fine for me.

  3. I guess I agree with Geezer on the cropping.

  4. Great photo, catches the pathos of the shared moment.

    PS Thanks for the nice complement on my posts. I'm glad you enjoy them. I sure enjoy coming by here to see your work.

  5. I agree with you. I like the uncropped one better. Is it because it shows depth? I don't know.


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