February 25, 2015


I have little to say even to my truck these days.  Yes, I talk to my truck, I talk to my shoes as they come untied and come loose, and I talk to my dinners and lunches. 

The days are warm and I grow quiet inside.  I post to Facebook for the Discovery shop and Great Curves yet there’s confusion when I need to look up what a hashtag is.  Always technology seems just beyond me but I keep on keeping on.  I skimmed the newest book on the “Endurance” and wonder at the vagaries of the captain and crew.  After that journey to the Antarctic, the truly splendid photographer began embellishing his work.  Toward the end he showed photos that had no true reality as real.

Today I said good morning to my truck as I started it up.  Perhaps I will talk to the books at work too.

  • Himself:Worked hard today.  Two NCIS episodes last night, so he is a very happy George.
  • Me: Got a lot of small things done all day Yesterday.  Still heading to the pool ten minutes early every morning tho it takes a bomb to get me going.  Getting to be book lady today.
  • Reading:  ”Maisey Dobbs”…the first in the series.
  • Balance: Books tomorrow.  I donated one shelf full from here and now have room for quilt stuff.


    1. Yes, we talk to everything too: dogs, birds, parrots, pots plants. etc. And some of them talk back.

    2. I like it best of all when you talk to your computer and we get to listen. ;)

    3. I really admire your exercise routine. I have a hard time getting to Zumba three times a week. Hmmm... I guess the only thing I talk to is my computer monitor... especially when it's frustrating me.

    4. my car talks back to me . . .i call the navigator voice Pria, you can probably guess what kind of car. my phone talks too. but when trees and bumpers start talking, i'll ask for help. love the pic!

    5. My GPS talks back and mostly says .... Recalculating

    6. I talk to myself.

      As far as photography goes, I don't know the context of what you are saying here, but in general I am good both with realistic photos and with artistic licence although I keep closer to the realistic side of things.


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