February 20, 2015

Family: Saturday Edit

Pakistan:  Brother and George.

As George’s dad lay dying, his mother would tell us nothing.  She forbad the doctors and the nursing home to give us any information either.  We were allowed to visit.  Why she had this ingrained wall of privacy that she defended even to her own death, we did not know.  Certainly she was attempting to maintain control to the very end.  She taught her children well.

We knew his brother had retired early but not why.  Only yesterday when G’s brother posted a gaunt selfie from a big city hospital showing all the wires and tubes, did we know how ill he had become. 

Late in the evening, after I caretook for ages, did G overcome his mother’s teaching and reach the right hospital.  Half an hour later, an unfamiliar voice called asking for “Georgie.”  I had to laugh.  No, he hadn’t enjoyed the 172 mile flight in an unpressurized helicopter.  Yes, the permanent pacemaker was installed and he was to head home today.  Communication begun. 

  • Himself:  Worked from 6, doc appointment with good blood pressure, dinner at the Brigantine, and shopping.
  • Herself:  Pool, went in to work because some books were priced wrong, wrote, read, dinnerout and bought new easier to get in suits and conditioner instead of shampoo. 
  • Reading: Still reading Maisey.
  • Saturday Balance: G's Brother is out of the hospital, I not only got 4 days of Comic Con tickets, but as of today so did G.  I was also accepted as a volunteer there.  Gonna be fun.

    1. I'm very glad G and his brother made the connection. Gives me the whammies to think of losing one of my siblings, keeps me writing, calling, traveling. No one else knows our early life, where we came from like a sibling, sometimes they are the only witness of that world.

    2. He needed to have worn his hat straighter. Hmmmmmp

    3. My family history is an open book, so we don't share your secrecy. Glad they were able to communicate.

    4. Family connections are often non-existent. Sad. but true. Congratulations to george.

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    6. I am so glad they are communicating. People can be so weird.

    7. Sounds like you solved what could have been a bad incident in time when you looked back. My siblings and I are very close on a superficial level, sort of....can't really explain, but I do love them so much yet do not make a huge effort to stay in touch! But I could pick up the phone and call them for anything as they could for me.

    8. Dennis comes from a family of 9 - 5 are still living however, the brother just above Dennis has gone into hiding from the rest of the family. Or his wife is hiding him; she says he is in a nursing home and doesn't want to see Dennis (or anyone in the family). It makes Dennis sad as he was once very close to this brother. My brother and I have a rollercoaster relationship. Right now we're good as he just became a grandpa which means I'm a great-auntie!

    9. I'm so glad that they connected and put an end to this distance that privacy can create.

    10. Secrecy is like a religion to some folk. Maybe it is a form of denying what is happening.
      I often do the shampoo/ conditioner error. Maddenning!

    11. Better late than never. Siblings are so very special. It's too bad that G's mom kept so private. Art and his sister call each other every Saturday and talk for an hour just to stay in touch.


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