February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I follow him around even into games.  He follows me around even into art openings.

  • Himself:  He’s fed his crows.  I’ve posted every thing to Facebook I’m suppossed to, and now we are off to Best Buy for a new G monitor.
  • Herself:  Not to the park today as the temperature will be very high.  Dinner at Anthony’s, movie tomorrow.
  • Reading:  The book I ordered didn’t come.
  • Balance: Getting my MnG files in order.


    1. So who is Space Ranger 1? Nice composite photo...unless you really were in space and Flash Gordon took the photo.

    2. Hello, greetings and good wishes.

      Happy Valentines Day.

      Have a lovely dinner today.

      Best wishes

    3. I wish I could do something like this -- play with photos as you do.

    4. Ha.. very cute. Happy V Day to the two of you.

    5. Gather a little stardust out there! Happy Valentine's Day.

    6. Nice valentine quilt for you header.


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    I had fun finding Christmas images from my long ago files.  Waking my old computer up to see what I saved.  Waking my memories up....