February 12, 2015

M&G on the Sixes


1986: Christmas in the big house.  I couldn’t find a Christmas picture of us together this year, so this will have to do.  I’m so filled with vanity this year.  Maybe I knew that soon I would lose my long skinny neck.

1997:  Enjoying a convention.  No, I couldn’t find any good pictures of us together in 1996 besides the wedding pictures.

2006: At a company picnic in the park.  Not a drop of sun to be seen this day.

  • Himself:  Bland working day.  Discovered the train would be 100 each to go up to Bobbies show round trip;  Car 60 round trip.
  • Herself:  Good but light workout in the pool, ten minutes PT in the hot tub.  Not enough books so had to give up two bookcases to other uses.  Repriced all the kids books down to 50 cents.  Dinner simple ratatouille over baked potatoe.  Reading.  Recorded TV.
  • Reading:  About three books.  I didn’t do well with my selections from the library.
  • Balance: 
  • The Santa Ana’s give us warm days, warm evenings, and really cool deep of the nights.


    1. Ah, to be young again.

    2. Car is more like 30-40 round trip. I just love Los Angeles traffic.

    3. Nice. Mom always said, I would like my long skinny neck someday. The long skinny neck is there, just six inches lower.
      You're getting so healthy with all those vegetable and setting a good example.

    4. So nice to see you so happy in each of these pictures! Have a lovely holiday weekend.

    5. Oh I dunno.. I think I see that sun sparkling in your eye.

    6. It makes me smile to see the love between the two of you. Happy Valentines Day!


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