February 9, 2015

Monday Matters

...which is similar to Sunday Snippits

  • We took a few moments to walk the cliffs yesterday as the world around us dipped into sadness.  My friend Dixie’s husband, Ken, died unexpectedly.  I introduced them.  There they are coming down the steps of the old Episcopal Church in Watts.  I’m being blown around on the left.

  • Services were held this weekend for the Hodad’s employee who drove over the cliff.  The family is feeling slightly better.  The owner of Hodad’s cause of death is not yet known.  The Sherriff up north says that they will announce the cause of death after an autopsy.   Above is the memorial that’s growing outside Hodad’s burger joint.

  • Another quilt needs mending.  I spent a few minutes marking the holes with blue tape yesterday before heading to the beach and cliffs.  High tides, big waves but not while we were there, and no sunshine.  Two miles inland the sun was out and the day was hot.  At least yesterday, I didn’t forget my camera.  I’ll bring it today too even tho I am only going to the grocery store.

    1. Rough week for you. I never get used to the now they're here, now they're gone aspect of losing friends.

      That's a very beautiful picture of the ocean, I miss it so much being inland. Yes, I am still glad I moved to the condo. Although I still have a little itch to see something else as well.

    2. So sad about these losses. I'm sorry you're hurting.

      That's quite the memorial in the second photo and that third image is just amazing. What a beautiful sight.

    3. Oh my, that memorial is awesome.Sad for the family and for you as a friend.

    4. I always wonder what you mean by "hot." Sad to lose a friend. Condolences to all.

      This is why we live one day at a time.

    5. Sorry about the passings, but that's quite a memorial.

    6. Yep, take my camera everywhere...a safe addiction unless I travel in some weird country. Being blown around oh the left--at first I thought that was a political statement..LOL! I am working on being more Zen (trying) with deaths as I know these are now beginning for me as well.

    7. Lovely photos, Mage. You made a splendid bride's maid.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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