February 11, 2015

More G and M in the Fives

1985:  I apologize for the condition of this shot.  Left to Right at an art opening in Don’s loft: George, Mage, Don DeLlamas, and a friend of Don’s.

1995: At the funeral of John and Georges Dad, John Herman Bailey, at Fort Rosecrans Cemetery: Left to Right: John, Ruby Bailey…their Mother, George, and Mage.

2005: Heading to the Old Globe in Balboa Park:  Left to right: George and a larger Mage.

  • Himself:  Work, got reservations for bay side fish dinner and is trying for a movie too.
  • Herself:  There’s a new volume of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s diaries and letters out.  I’ve ordered it.  Shoulder:  Three more small tears, more PT.  Got shot, did nothing on docs orders yesterday.  I love doing nothing.
  • Reading:  Another Baldacci Mystery.
  • Balance: 
  • Getting the dishes done.


    1. So enjoyable to see these photos of you and yours. You must be having a blast finding, scanning and posting these memories.

    2. Mage, what great fun to be digging out old photos. At least you do know who they are!

    3. What a great way to organize and present for us a look at moments of time from your lives. If I ever start my own photo digging and sorting, I will shamelessly steal your idea.

    4. Maybe "larger Mage" but nonetheless lovely.

    5. Yes, we do change over the years. This is what keeps playboy bunnies humble. The rest have always just gone with the flow. I think you were really styling at that funeral. Was George's brother unmarried?

    6. You might have been larger, but there is more to love. Nice photos. You are so beautiful, I am jealous. Classy too.


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