February 16, 2015

Perhaps Projects

I stir in the night with my brain filled with thinking, I wake still hoping for some clarification, and the day flies by with nothing clearly shaped.  I’m determined to write more meaningful things this year.  Determined also to plan some major project for this coming year.  So far nothing has materialized.

Bobbies quilt doesn’t count.  The design is almost finalized….that pleases me.  It will be boring to make.  Years in the making actually, but it will be stunning when it’s done.

No, something written or something visual….photographic perhaps.  I was so inspired by a friend stating, “Oh, so you have been a working artist your whole life.”  Oh, yes I have and am, but I had never quite looked at my life that way. 

  • Himself:  Work but one giant monitor didn’t work, and he’s back to two.  Brief Visit with the birthday girl, work, laundry, work, meeting.
  • Me: Have a hell of an earache.  Feeling less depressed about life today.  Groceries, et al.
  • Reading:  AML
  • Balance:  That’s the trick of life….balance.


    1. I seem to have similar goals this year. Maybe we will both be successful.

    2. Art..I love it. Yes, something photographic, but for you a photograph wouldn't be large enough I think. The quilt sounds more like a large challenge. Or a film. Heard about 'Boyhood'? The local art critics say it took ten years to make. Now that's large.

    3. Just take each day as it comes and make it a good one.

    4. I prefer one large monitor, but I know that some people thrive on a system of two monitors.

    5. Come up with a dream, write it down and look at it every morning until you begin to think about how it might become reality.

    6. I never make goals because I am so easily distracted.


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