February 21, 2015


2014: Comic Con Costume Day

He surprised me. 

We ate lunch out, and I went along with him when he went up to the park this noon.  It gave me time to see the black dolls at the Mingei.  I love that museum.  And I could sit out in the car reading and watching all the people go by.  Actually, it was a lot of small busses that went by with few folks going into the Automotive Museum.  They’d all go to the door and not go in.

I dozed, I read, I barely made it to the bathroom twice.  I figured out the project I’d tackle this year inspired by the small exhibit of “The Procession.”  (Photos later.)  Something small but creative every day….if I remembered.  Perhaps a return to an illustrated life?

Then suddenly there was the Great Geezer who whipped me off to way to much food at the “Aladdin” up in Kearney Mesa.  Oh, the luxury of ending the day with wonderful foods, a honey and layered butter baklava, and wheat spattered, more honeyed Kunafa.
  • Himself:  Got tickets for a co-worker too.  Two happy men today.  He loves me, he says.  Happy anniversary.
  • Me: I love him too.  All those years of putting up with each other.  I think we will have a party about it in May.
  • Reading: Just starting “Maisie Dobbs”…the first in the series.
  • Balance: Time alone in the middle of the crowds.


  1. So glad you had an outing together. Equally glad you both have tickets for Comic.Con. I knew you will enjoy it even more than ever before. Glad G. got in contact with his brother. Funny how families can be so secretive when connection can be so important.

  2. OOh you mentioned one of my secret passions - Baklava. So delicious when it oozes with honey but so good at making me feel guilty lol
    Hoping I'm able to pop in regularly from now on

  3. That is so sweet! You are so lovely together!

  4. I loved the Maisie Dobbs series, one of my favorites. Read most of them...all the early ones. I think she's up to 10 or 12 now, a new one due this spring.

    Glad you still love each other, that's important. Also your project sounds promising.

    Looking forward. Next time I visit SD take me to the Mingei. Still haven't seen it and I love Balboa Park.

  5. It's good to know you are happy with each other.
    That AND baclava! It's just not fair!

  6. Oh my! It sounds like a fabulous day... anniversary?? Happy Anniversary to both of you.


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