February 8, 2015

Still Together...

On and off this month, I’ll share some of my collection of G and M pictures.  Since I live with a camera in my hand most of the time, I have lots of us pictures.

We met in 1983, and I confess that I am 12 years older than he.  G was sober, and I was certainly not.  Twelve years later, after my stepfather died and I no longer qualified for free medical care, we married.  Sometimes the most sideways of reasons for something still work even after 32 years.

Top: There we were in the tiny OB cottage.  Grandma’s bookcase is crowded two deep in science fiction, my cat-scratched journals, and mysteries, and George is sitting in Gimpa’s Morris chair.  Middle:  1986: Wedding day at the big house after everyone was gone.  Our shoes are off.  Bottom: 1986: Vegas:  We had a new truck, so we drove to Vegas for our honeymoon.  I'd never been.  G won enough to pay for the honeymoon.  It snowed, by the way, and we ended up sharing a small cab with all our luggage.  As soon as we got home, we bought a lid for the bed of the truck.

Life has never been the same.

  • Himself:  WW weigh in , and we both gained a bit.  He went to the museum, we ate, and we curled up with “West Wing.”  It seems just like today’s politics.
  • Herself:  I only gained .4.  Not bad.  Old friend from HS’s husband died.  I introduced them 52 years ago.  Got the dishes done and the bed made.  The bad was that my forgettery really worked well this day.  I planned a route to go shoot at Great Curves, and not only did I go a different direction and have to back track but forgot my camera.  I was appalled and went home to hibernate with a good mystery.
  • Reading:  Just finished “River of Blood,” a Monk mystery.
  • Balance: 
  • Talking about it to G, writing about it, and letting it go.  The worry of forgetting things remains.


    1. Cute photos. I should do the same with my he and me photos.

    2. These photos really tell such a magnificent story. You both are well matched and look so happy. Who took the post wedding photo? I was going to ask who owned all those books and if G was a bookworm, but your answered my question.

    3. Love the photos of the two of you...You make a good pair.

    4. I forget, then I remember. I am really good at remembering actors names, if I liked them, and sometimes if I didn't like them. Surely there is a role for that?

      Congratulations. We will be married 33 years in either July or August. I always ask David if he can remember. BTW, he resumed his Sunday meeting. Got him down because as he puts it...they're all young.

    5. Loved looking at these photos. 32 years. Wonderful.

    6. So cool to see the two of you through the years. Your longevity is something many of us only dream about.

    7. There is a common factor in the photos : you are on his right hand and there is a feeling of togetherness. Treasure it.

    8. Lovely post....my daughter is currently engaged to a man 12 years younger...nice to know it just might work out!


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