February 15, 2015

Test, Test, Test!

Yes, he went out and bought a second wide monitor.  Yes, I am trying to code for Blogger so my pictures stop being rejected.  Yes, three, it is warm, sunning, and 78 out there while G removed the ink pads from the printer. 

Life with electronics is never boring.

Above: The Star of India with the Bowsprit off and part of the foremast removed for maintenance.  Life on a sailing ship isn't boring either.

  • Himself:  Took me tio see “Still Alice.”  Bought me a new monitor that I didn’t need tho I can sure get things big enough this way.
  • Me: Really identified with Alice.  All my fears right up there on the screen.  I know those experiences.
  • Reading:  AML.
  • Balance:  Allowing the identification and fear fade.


  1. Experiencing the unraveling of my mother's dear friend, a vibrant and courageous woman, was a painful education about how the ravages of Alzheimer's impact the lives of individuals and the family and friends who love them.


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