February 26, 2015

Words that Work

I’ve been trying to broaden the scope of my thinking a little every day.  I'm grateful that I can understand the “Essential Dali Lama.”  Merton and “Gift from the Sea” aren’t processed so easily by my learning disabled brain, but I plod on.

I failed philosophy clearly not understanding Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, or any other of those first-college-year philosophers.  I obviously still don’t understand them, but perhaps I felt the time was right to try a gentler way of thinking.  Kant or Nietzsche still don’t work, but the Dali Lama’s quiet reflections remind me of acceptance.  I understand acceptance.

My grandma Maudie told me once that she had Buddhist leanings.  Now all these years later, I understand.

  • Himself:Balanced the budget and tightened the purse strings.  No more people pleasing until the savings account gets way up there again.  No big vacation this year.
  • Me: Had a wonderful time putting out books, talking books with regular book shoppers, pleading for more books.  Slowly they trickle in and shelves begin to fill again.  All I can do is pray Margot finds a job in her field by June when we stop sending her money.
  • Reading:  Several new to me authors.  So far, one is a keeper.
  • Balance: Talking with other book folks puts everything in balance.


  1. There is peace to be found in any religious study, probably including Budhism.

  2. I love Merton. I visited the monastery in Georgia where he spent a good part of his life. Amazing thinker.

  3. I would rather do like himself and balance the books than read the Dalai Lama. :)

  4. glad I got a foot into the photo


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