March 13, 2015

A Good Day

The SURPRISE against a sunset on San Diego Bay.

  • Himself:The snow damaged cars are coming into the Audit queue.  He’s got us into the last year of “West Wing.”
  • Me: There was a bad accident where I had to deliver the doodle, and PCH was closed.  I know the area really well and politely squeezed by the cops.  Picked up taxes, priced books, cooked dinner, and felt triumphant.
  • Reading:  ”D is for…”

  • Balance: Find myself dashing here and there while saying thank you, thank you.  You should have seen me skipping down the stairs this morning.


    1. Skipping AND triumphant!! Wonderful!

    2. What a beautiful ship. Love it against the sky.

    3. High energy..has spring actually reached those who never have seasons?

    4. This is such a spectacular shot!

      Congratulations on getting so much done!


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    I’m having a good time reading a memoir that actually has details.   Like, what does she really do first thing in the morning?...