March 5, 2015

At Work in a Sea of Things

After the pool and a quick bowl of rice cereal of some sort, I’m off to the store.  Dear G has made me a half sandwich, today ham, cheese, and lettuce.  I drop a small V8 into my orange plaid lunch bag next to the cold pack and my sandwich.  The lettuce makes me feel like I am somebody pretty fancy.

Today we all had to bang on the door for a while.  William was there, but he must have had his hearing aids turned down.  Another employee let us in so we could get our early work done. 

I take pictures at work.  Stefan Danielski takes pictures at work too, and they beat mine all to heck and gone.  Stefan lives and works on the MV Algolake, and you can see his work photographs on Facebook.  You can see mine too, but they don’t have the impact of strong men taking off a two ton propeller blade in black and white.  You can tell I'm a fan.

I shoot pretty stuff.  Here’s a bowl, there’s a washcloth.  How about color…I shoot color.  Color sells in a thrift store.  Today I thought you might like to see me at work. 

  • Himself:He survived his first day as sole subrogator.
  • Me: Discovered hundreds of books priced and waiting.  Two kinds of people donated.  There’s some really deep stuff plus classics, and there’s romances.  I was able to take back one bookcase I gave up weeks ago.
  • Reading:  Rhys Bowen.
  • Balance: Napping over my computer and G didn’t say a word.  I’m grateful.


  1. What a fun shot to see you taking a picture of yourself taking a picture, Mage.

  2. Reflecting on work...........

  3. There you are hard at work and here I sit watching the hail cover my deck. We have had a low time, one lost car key, two smoke alarms that will not behave, and files I cannot find. Nice reward for going on a trip!

  4. Looked up Danielski and such powerful photos! Thanks for the hint. And I love your photos!

  5. You do good work, Mage.

  6. I love this shot, and I remember that black wall. I really need to get out more.

  7. I love the colors and patterns that you find and share in your photos. They are always a treat for the eyes.

  8. I love that mirror in which you are taking your photo. Although I am trying to get rid of things, not bring in more, that mirror would look nice somewhere in my house.

  9. Your photos are always a pleasure.
    Strong and colourful.

  10. I'm all for color too and G is a darling!


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