March 31, 2015

Bits and Bobs

  • All of life is made up of bits and bobs of things.  Ones plans fly out the window if one, that is me, doesn’t remember that Bobbie gets out of her pool at 0930.  No pool for me today.  G got Myrtle the Toyota into the shop at noon yesterday, and we picked her up at dawn today.  Yes, the front brakes were gone.  Rotors are now turned, new pads installed, rear brakes ok, and the serpentine belt replaced.  I feel safe but broke.

  • Talked to Cuz this morning.  He wanted to talk dancing…which  he does marvelously, but I was hoping that he had found some care-taking help as his beloved bride continues to go downhill.  I do so love my cuz.

  • Finally talked with Bobbie after 0930.  We talked about the new film “Going Clear” and the insanities of Scientology.  L. Ron Hubbard started The Church of Scientology after Dianetics fell apart leaving him was broke.  Scientology was a huge hit, and he was broke no more.  She’s updating her will, she’s improving her security, and she’s got three more pieces to frame for the upcoming show.

  • Making my rounds this morning with camera in hand.  I’ll shoot both stores, and put the shots on the laptop.  I can take that with me to the Spring Round up, see below, and I can keep their web sites updated.

  • Spring Round-up:  It’s that time of year again.  We are taking a staycation in paradise while fitting in a little volunteer work here and there also.  I talked him into going fishing.  He loves fishing but hasn’t gone in years.  We are going to the “Ice Cream Social” where they let you have only one scoop of ice cream with a gathering of commedians.  My solution is to return to the table for more fudge and more whipped cream.  LOL  Did I say I desperately needed to diet?  We will volunteer to watch the doors at the banquet so we can hear the speaker.

  • Pictures today, books tomorrow.  The house is filled with wonderful things to read, and I got a couple more books at Costco last night.  “Being Mortal” was a great book.  Reading a very old, yellow paged Perry right now.  Life is good.


    1. Yes, the Scientology people running are scarey. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    2. Sounds as if you are having way too much fun. Yes, why leave paradise for something less wonderful. Good for you.

    3. I like the idea of a staycation. I'm reading "The Paris Architect" and find it really intriguing.

    4. I accidentally ordered and paid for a book called staycation. Never read it, but it sits on my Kindle. I am reading books on France...into my third as that is where I am heading for a leavecation this spring. No fudge for me and I am trying VERY hard to stay away from brownies I made...but I even like them stale.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    Peter in front of a wall sculpture. We were invited up to Peter Knego’s home to see the latest installation.   Abstract flat ...