March 30, 2015


We puttered our way through The Ocean Beach Library’s big book sale Saturday morning.  One of the ladies who volunteers at the Discovery Shop laughingly yelled at me that I didn’t need any more books.  She was right, and we all laughed together as both G and I left with our big bag of purchases.

Downtown, we each had a half Subway sandwich as we sat in the hot sun at Petco Park.  A wide range of speakers shared.  The Navy Chaplin touched hearts as he told how Mike brought burgers and home out to the fleet.  Family talked, children talked, workers talked, he gave many a second chance in life….all of love and friendship.  Guy Fieri, of Diners Drive In’s and Dives came.  I for one appreciated this a lot.

We left the Park in the Park for the coolness of Balboa Park before the Chaplin closed the memorial service.  The great crowds moved to the downtown Hodad’s while George went to work at the Automotive Museum.  He parked Grumpy out in back in the shade, and I read while watching people.  For a while I even dozed until the wind grew too cold to sleep.  Imagine that. 

We paused our lives most Sunday mornings for ritual .  We watch CBS Sunday Mornings still curled up together under the covers.  When G gets hungry we glory in muffins and butter and togetherness.  The rest of this day he played games.  This day I finished off “Being Mortal” feeling very mortal on my downward slide.


  1. Neocon liberals = originally a group of liberal Jewish Intellectuals; evolved into disenchanted Democrats like Henry Scoop Jackson, who disdained the leftist drift of the Democrat Party.

    Later defined by the left as Hawks like Cheney and Wolfowitz. Today, neocon liberalls are concerned witth Bill of Rights.issues, like the First Amendment.

    Nineteenth century Liberal is not the Twentieth Century Leftist or the Conservative of either century.

    Political history is very interesting. Iota

  2. Being mortal one of the best books I've read. Got inspired and found and read his earlier books which are not as good.

    Sounds idyllic, muffins in bed, crumbs everywhere, ants here. No food upstairs. I think they are dropping off the tree overhanging the roof. Always something. At least the mice are gone for now!

  3. PS Neocon liberals also known as Blue Dog Democrats. Most are gone now, except our Senator Mark Warner and West Virginia Senator. Both Democrats under fire from nutty leftists and Republicans.

  4. Check out this link:

    Sorry to leave so many messages. Take what you need and erase the rest.

  5. Hi, Mage...loved reading about how you spend Sunday morning. Sounds like you had a nice day out and about at the Park. Have a great week!

  6. Everyone's reading Being Mortal. Guess I have to give it a try.

  7. I love the sound of your Sundays, Mage. It sounds very comfy cozy.


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