March 27, 2015


For years I had an image of a rusty old railroad engine boiler as my desktop.  Green on the bottom, terra cotta in the middle, and blue grey on top.  Simple.  Quiet.  I was able to work on top of it without much distraction.  After this last time I recreated my computer, I must have moved that image to my backup.  Oh, Grrr….I couldn’t find it.

I love the USCG Training Ship Eagle, so I tried a picture of this ship.  Nope.  Too busy.  It took me a few days to figure out that I needed something quiet.  There were a couple of meditative images in the black and white series, and I found this one suited me.  Yes, the white is a little massive, but still the whole is quiet.

What do you like on your desktops?

  • Himself:  Yesterday: gym, worked, made bread.  Today, gym, work, laundry, and meeting.  Tomorrow will be Mikey’s memorial gathering at Petco Park in the park.
  • Herself:  Pool work.  Hot days.  Ocular Hypertension.
  • Reading:  ”Being Mortal,” a very well written, can’t put down, change the way we think volume.
  • Balance:
  • Reading.


    1. My desktop pict is my 8 year grandgirl smiling up out from under my black velvet Dracula cloak. She loves the darned thing. Nice to see her smiling face each morning.

    2. Pictures of things that have awed me: beaches, roses, weather...

    3. Isn't that book great? I loved it.

      Also the white in the photo distracted me. I like the 'longboat' image. Have you considered removing the bottom of the photo and having only the boat? But what do I know, I'm no artist.

    4. Desktop is a slide show of my most recent photos that I send to the photography site. Everchanging and not always peaceful.

    5. I have two monitors and always have a nice photo on one of them. I change them pretty often.
      Thanks for stopping by, Mage!

    6. My desktop has a picture of me and Kaylee, when she was a toddler. I love it.

    7. I've got photos of my kids and grandkid. They are distracting, but I like it that way.

    8. right now it is El Arco at the tip of Cabo San Lucas


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