March 16, 2015


Seedys was a true friend that day; she rode with us up to the summit on the White Pass Railway.  I know she had done it a thousand times with other touring visitors to Skagway and was burned out.  That’s friendship.  Katy and David gave in to friendship one of the last days we visited them also and graciously came with us on the Skunk Train.  They too were really burned out on giving visitors rides.

I’m thinking a lot about Seedys these days.  Yes, it was so nice to spend time with all these three special friends.  Life is about friendship.  About love.

  • Himself:Bailed it all last night. Wiped truck off.  Very angry.  Gym, called plumber, waiting….more later.
  • Me: Something flooded the kitchen which drained down on the freshly waxed Grumpy.  You should have seen us in our finery bailing.  Dreamed about Dart last night.  Vividley.  Waiting for the plumber now.
  • Reading:  Crider.  He gives us a nice, gentle sherriff.
  • Balance: Humor.


    1. You are heading down, be sure and turn on some up music as you work your way through all of this. I don't like to think about old friends...too many.

    2. Oh Woe is you? Pipes burst in old houses. We stopped repairing the ceilings. When you live in a hard water area, its one damn thing after another and you wonder if you will outlast the plumbing after a while.

      No cure except a road trip. Grumpy would probably like that.

    3. I know what you mean about friendship. Living here in Hawaii, we tend to do the same tour whenever friends come to town. Seedys is indeed a good friend.


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