March 2, 2015

Going Visiting

George was brave and drove us up to LA earlier than needed.  No wrecks, no rain, but two and a half hours of traffic found us in the middle of a Chinatown Firecracker bike race.  We had no idea what was happening but cut through the cones into the hotel room.  Once I got them to change the bedspread, it was spotless and $99.95 with free parking. 

We found Bobbies gallery…not open yet, and we found Monica’s house…tho we didn’t bother them a whole day early.  We asked the desk clerk where to eat.  Sometimes these recommendations are good and this one was.  #2 for two…no MSG…75 years in business.  We liked the meal.  Then back up into the Tourist Chinatown for Bobbies show.

Yes, we liked her finished work a lot.

We wandered through other open galleries.  The horseshoe gallery had a new naive painter showing her work that I was quite passionate about.  Many stores were closed.  Much of the woodwork was fragile or actively falling apart of falling off.  Many signs of folks no longer caring or not having the energy.

Outside in the chill morning sun, the community was a setting up a marathon.  Runners practicing.  Fresh coffee at the motel.  Bands playing.  Ten thousand fire crackers going off.  Police.  Lights flashing.  Runners.  Lots of effort to refresh this area in the public’s mind.  G found an open bakery, and we both sat waiting for the race to start eating the most mouth-watering of Chinese pastries. 

Many buildings were empty.  The streets were clean, but it was as if no one cared any more.  We called Monica’s house early, and they said come on over.  It was easy to park, but now all the buildings have walls and gates in this predominately Jewish neighborhood. 

What a wonderful visit we had.  Children grown, grandchildren, wives, marvelous foods all cooked by Monica.  Blintzes are very good things.  Ham, fruits, cheese, eggs, bagles, and a chocolate bundt cake to complete the meal.  Families you have known forever are best of all.  I had so much fun I forgot to take pictures.  Oh, I felt awful about that.    

We headed home into darkening clouds only greeting the rain just an hour north of our house.  Got cleaned up, ate once again, and headed out to our Sunday Commitments.  Boy did we sleep well.


  1. Terrifying looking storm. Hope you made it safely. Old friends that you have known for years are like those comfy old shoes in the back of the closet that feel so familiar.

  2. We had fun too! Rain hit us about 1/2 after you left. So glad you made the trip north. We'll come and visit again soon.

  3. That is an ominous cloud, with the storm coming your way.

  4. That's a Photoshopped cloud. I confess.


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