March 19, 2015

He's Such a Nice Guy

I wake up in the mornings as Mrs. Grumpy-Behaviors.  It’s only with the greatest efforts that I restrain myself from groaning loudly or saying what I am thinking.  He brings me coffee.  I force myself to say thank you.  He includes a slice of bread, and he sets out my meds on a small table he puts next to the bed.  Then he pulls the covers back and puts out pillows. 

I do manage a second thank you as he brings his own coffee upstairs.

When I get back from the pool, which I grudgingly attend, he has my favorite spoon waiting for my cereal or yogurt.  I try very hard not to mention how much I hurt or where I hurt.  I try not to waddle or complain.  I do wear the leg straight jacket he bought me for my edema at night, but I am pleased when it falls off at 4PM. 

As the day goes by, I become a normal human.  Still, this growing old stuff is for the birds.

  • Himself  Had to buy a different kind of peanuts for his flock of crows.  They stopped eating the cheap ones, and when he tasted them, he understood.  Put an amusing wreck on his blog yesterday.  Finished “West Wing.”
  • Herself:  Saw Margot twice this week.  At the store, the gods have been very kind.  We don’t have room to put all the wonderful books out.  We went from zero books and empty shelves to lots of book but no cookbooks.  Yesterday there were two boxes of cookbooks, and two bags of cook books.  Mia, with her wonderful unread looking books, started this avalanche.  Thanks Mia.
  • Reading:  Imagine, between books.
  • Balance: Letting go of being Mrs. Grumpy.


    1. Oddly some days I feel as if I have gone to your charity shop...after all these years. He is a cutie and you are lucky to have him and you are wise to realize that.

    2. will check out G's wreck. Yes growing old sucks. The inside issues are the worst. Been reading ancestors death certificates. They say...worn out, died from exhaustion, etc. actually, I lie. ( men working in the state vital statistics off ices didn't know big words).
      Also died from 'lung fever' and the like. Very sad.

    3. Oh my yes! He is definitely a NICE guy. You are very lucky and yes I agree. He is a cutie.

      Growing weak is definitely not for the whimpy. I was aching just helping to carry the old TV a short distance.

    4. It's better than dead, at least most mornings. G is cool, it makes me happy just reading about you two.


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