March 22, 2015

Home 2015

I confess, we are celebrating Zoe’s birthday today as well as making potatoe salad and chocolate chip brownies.  Zoe’s Birthday is the most important thing, but an AA Guru will be speaking at our Sunday night meeting hence the foodstuffs.  It’s going to be one heck of a potluck.  Yes, I am probably going to gain more weight, and after great amounts of fattening things will have to be kept awake for the talk.

I really made an effort to find a recent picture of the house yesterday to illustrate my words.  The only things I could find were taken in 2009.  Today, after I shopped for my ten pounds of potatoes, I tidied and picked up my messes photographing as I went.  No, he doesn’t make messes at all.

No too, some rooms haven’t changed at all, while other’s now seem far less traditional.  Blue and white everywhere.  Oranges and terra-cottas contrast well with the blues, and scattered here and there are small arrangements to catch the eye.  Everywhere too is an appalling layer of clutter.  I’m not a decorator, but I have as much fun mixing a potatoe salad as I do rearranging a room.  Hands on indeed.


  1. You have a wonderful eye for interior decorating. Maybe, this could be a vocation for you.

  2. Gorgeous! I'm pretty fat again so I will have to pass on the potato salad and cookies. ryn at ED, I'm leaving as early as possible. I'll need all of the accumulated vacation as well as savings to live on until USPS processes the pension. They sometimes take 4 months! But, despite the mom stuff, it is absolutely exciting. No, don't know about Seedys. What? Bonnie

  3. Mage read Connie's blog (link on my post). She is getting ready to celebrate #33. She got sober in college.

  4. You have such a lovely home. I am impressed that you can do white. I cannot do white. I have white socks. That's it for white.


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