March 9, 2015

More Books

We had breakfast with Captain Poolie, left, and her sister Mia Sunday.  Mia, that wonderful woman, donated 8 bags of books to the Discovery shop.  You know me, tho the company was grand, the conversation edifying, and breakfast good, those 8 bags of books were really exciting.  All the while Poolie is telling Mia that I have more books that she does.  Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself.

  • Himself:Enjoyed breakfast and the company, and he enjoyed the movie afterwards.
  • Me: Found a good pair of Denim to fit the fatter me after a many week search.
  • Movie:  ”The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” was lots of fun.>
  • Balance: A non-militant aerobics instructor this morning.  Shelving books and the first day of PT for my shoulder.


    1. If I don't get a few pounds off, I'm going to have to find denim for the fatter me as well.

    2. I am losing weight before my spring trip even if I have to cut off my head! So, if you do not recognize me, you will know why.

    3. I'm going to see the Marigold movie, one way or another. Poolie has a beautiful complexion. Just beautiful.

    4. How was the film? Mia was so proud to donate her books. She talked about it all afternoon!

    5. So glad you had such a lovely time. Gosh! I haven't read an actual book in such a long time. It's all Kindle, I'm afraid.

      When we went to help sort out my aunt's books after she passed away, we found tons of books all over the house tucked away in every corner. Mom had to help because it's all Japanese. We selected books for the Buddhist temple and others will be donated. They were Auntie's treasures. And mom also has her special collection.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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