March 24, 2015

Multiplying Bunnies

We are being very picky about our bunnies, our chicks, and our décor at the store this year.  Somehow, last year’s bunnies won’t do for this year, and they’ve been donated to us by the acre.  They are everywhere.  We are really grateful.

The Discovery Shop here is a very busy store run by one part time manager, and one very, very part time semi manager.  All the rest of us are volunteers.  Our manager is the best one they have and is willing to rearrange and redesign the store regularly to bring in more business.  It works. 

Right now she is being ruthless with bunnies.  If a bunny shows the least spot or wear, out it goes to Father Joe/St. Vincent de Paul’s.  I confess that I’ve rescued a bunny or two out of the Father Joe pile lately.  Sentimental me.  Then one of the other ladies wants the bunny, and off it goes to a new home….not mine.  You would laugh at me.  Once we flipped a coin over a bunny.  I lost. 

George is very grateful I haven’t brought these multiplying rabbits home.

  • Himself:  Working hard on his wrecks.  He says he is having fun.  He wants to watch all three NCIS’s at once tonight.
  • Herself:  Enabling and disabling plugins that don’t play well with Google is something I am getting better at.  Pool, yogurt, post pictures, groceries, lunch, meeting, putter online for a while, make more potatoe salad, dinner, NCIS….perhaps only two.
  • Reading: Just finished, “Mrs. Queen Rides the Train.”  Delightful.
  • Balance:Being polite to a rude misogynist.


    1. Such a cute bunny to remind us of the approaching holiday. We have a St. Vincent's here in Fredericksburg TX as well.

    2. There are those women who love stuffed animals...others it is I like folk art. Right now I am enjoying the quiet at the end of the day with all three little ones in bed. Up early tomorrow as each has a different arrival schedule!

    3. Good for you being polite. I'm not anymore. Cranky me, but enough is enough.

      The bunny in your photo looks extremely huggable. How could he end up in a shop again? Some child misses him, or should.

      My Dad used to punish me by taking away a doll and never returning it. I seldom think of it any more unless I see a cast-off toy.

      My kids loved The Velveteen Rabbit.

    4. yes, yes, yes! very grateful!

    5. It's nice to have a seasonal theme. Sue is forever changing her accents around the place -- just enough to keep it current and variable.

    6. Oh my! They are awfully cute, Mage. I'd be tempted too.


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