March 3, 2015

OId Favorites

“Good books are friends,” says the fortune from Saturday night’s Chinatown dinner.

Yes, they are wonderful things, and I seem to own a lot of them.  Unfortunately, I seem to have been making bad book choices for me lately.  I’m happier when the good guys aren’t portrayed as mass murders, aren’t wandering the world in denial, and aren’t totally unlikable persons.  I confess I’m not fond of deep, black, dark characters like this. 

As I grow older, I read only short snippets on cops, or lawyers, or heros like this and put the book down.  Is the author reaching?  Is there so little left of me that I have to read this bit of garbage?  Is there so little left of me that I don’t understand the author’s premise?  Perhaps there’s so little left of me that I’ve been suckered in by a blurb that doesn’t tell me what’s going to sock-it-to-me later. 

I came upstairs with a book in hand last night wishing I liked some of these folks I was reading about.  Somehow or other, my head is seems tender. 

Perhaps just today, I need to go reread old favorites.

  • Himself:No good wrecks today at all.  He’s a very tired G tonight after that long weekend.  Skipped everything last night and this morning too.
  • Me: The only good wreck was in my mouth.  A crown almost done, and two deep cavities in worn out teeth.  The teeth insurance is maxed out.  Oh, grumble, grumble, grumble.  I need to find a dentist that will take Medicare.
  • Reading:  Reaching for an old favorite book.
  • Balance: Mindless working out in aerobics yesterday morning.  Snoozing this morning.

    1. I think I like San Francisco's Chinatown a little better.

    2. My dentist doesn't take Medicare, and I think Medicare only covers medical type care such as the surgery I had for a cyst on my jaw bone. Let me know if you discover something different.

      Yes, modern books can weary one. The antihero is the new hero. Do think it was always thus? Pretty scary.

      You asked about Max Hastings book 'Inferno'? I am enjoying it, but then I read much WWII and WWI stuff. Often, war is necessary unfortunately, but mostly fought in fits and starts. I don't think the current crises in Iraq with a bunch of thugs in black is worth U.S. troops on the ground. However, we should arm our Allies.

      I am also reading a bio on Ike, and had to laugh when he said he left West Point in 1912 prepared to fight the Battle of 1812.

    3. Medicare should cover eyes and teeth. No one can remain healthy without that care. Probably won't happen in my lifetime.

      Just finished Brian Doyle's "Mink River," absolutely loved it and his writing. I just started his "The Plover," is sort of a continuation.

      Probably singing to the choir here but I'm reading Ivan Doig. Also making my way through the "Masie Dobbs" mysteries.

    4. So glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see you on Sunday!

    5. I do search hard for good books, but tend to buy the bargains and then find I am disappointed that they lack depth of plot, depth of characters, intrigue, etc. Maybe we have read too much?


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