March 17, 2015

This Was Exciting

I took a bath and G a shower.  There we were, dressed to the teeth, standing in a flooded kitchen in our now soggy socks.  The giant blue rug went into a bucket, and towels were strewn about to sop up the water.  We fled to our Sunday night meeting.

First thing Monday morning, Mr. Geezer took charge.  He called the plumber, and he encouraged him to keep rooting out the main drain until only a little bathtub water made it into the sink.  Only after the whole kitchen was put back together did we discover that the water had cascaded over the edge of the kitchen counter and into the dishwasher electronics.

He spent another hour finding someone here in San Diego who would replace it.

After everything was all done again and I had returned from PT, I washed dishes.  Today I am driving over to Target and getting a dish drainer.  Sometimes all you can do is laugh.


  1. Oh no....if it isn't one thing, it's another. So sorry about all the water problem. Loved the photos however.

  2. Mage I am so sorry. such a shock and tragedy! Does insurance cover anything? Washing dishes is what our mothers did. Those first dishwashers were not all that great if I recall. Everything will be back on an more even keel soon. I have some big expenses on this house that I have been ignoring...oh well, we can laugh together.

  3. It could have been much worse. Taking the bath and discovering the partially blocked pipe was a good thing. We could have discovered it a year from now when the pipe would have had to have been replaced.

  4. Water can be so destructive. Hopefully your damage was minimal.

  5. You are so right about that. You just laugh. Getting upset accomplishes nothing.

  6. Been there done that. Got the dish drainer.

  7. Such a gorgeous kitchen. I'm sorry for all the mess. There are those days of seeming disasters one after the other though. Thankfully they don't happen all the time. Here's wishing you a quick recovery and things being back to normal soon.


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