March 4, 2015

Wednesday Crows

  • Comic Con is July 9 through 12.  Imagine, you will have to listen to me talk about this until July.  I’m looking forward to volunteering this year.  I’m looking forward to attending.  I apologize if I have bored you already.
  • George continues to feed his crows peanuts every morning.  He checks out the window after he fixes his breakfast, and he reports there is always one crow waiting.  Perhaps a watch-crow.  Once that crow sees him, he lets out three caws.  Five crows fly in with one extra that they attempt to chase away.  I must report that G really enjoys his crows.

  • We were both tired yesterday so took the day off.  We even napped on his lunch hour.  Maybe I have convinced him to take the train up to LA next time.  We seem ok today. His workload has been tripled.  He’s the only one doing subrogations now as the giant company that brought in so much business has pulled out.  At least he didn’t lose his job.

  • Me.  All my parts can tell you when the weather is changing now.

    1. I took an hour and half nap yesterday and do not know why. I was dreaming heavily and could barely wake=up. I do not do that often. I kept htinking it was some barometric change.
      When those crows start calling George by name, he will have accomplished something.

    2. Now if I can train the crows to ward off the parrots.

    3. Woo woo, trains! Who's going to feed the crows? ;-)

    4. My first train ride was when I went from Illinois to California to go to college. I fell in love with trains on that trip.

    5. Another train lover here but a crow (hater) disliker. For some reason they are the one bird I don't like seeing in our garden.
      Have to agree with you that long distance driving can be tiring. Does George drive all the way or do you take turn about (2hrs on 2hrs off)


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