April 24, 2015

A Picture a Day

Boarding the ship from the4 tender at Catalina Island, Christmas 2014.

No matter what he does, my computer boot system is still not functioning.  I’m better, but still wallowing in the cold.  G has been waiting on me hand and foot.  They don’t want me at work either.  When I’m awake, I read.  I admit that it took me three days to remember to sit up all night. 

My life is backed up on the old computer.  I use the laptop…whose keyboard I truly hate….to type this.  The Facebook accounts have been updated daily.   Waving.

  • Himself:  Vastly better.
  • Herself:  I should be ok again by Monday.  Needing to do my PT.
  • Reading:  Lots of Crais,
  • Balance:  Better tomorrow.


    1. Oh yes, sit up and keep the flem out of your lungs. nice photo. I hate my laptop keyboard too. But needs must.

    2. So sorry to hear you aren't doing well. Lots of that happening up here, too, but I think it's the pollen and dust that we have in "pounds." Drink plenty of hot liquids. That was the advice of my very old dr when I got any sort of chest congestion.

      Sounds like it's time for a new computer. I love my MacBook Pro, keyboard and all.

    3. Sorry about the 'puter and the cold that lives on!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


    ·        I forget that three hours of walking leaves me dozing the next day.   I’d laugh about it all if I were not half asleep.  ...