April 1, 2015

Book Day - No Foolin'

I’ve become a very bookish lady in my old age…if seventy three is old. 

When I was a kid, I had one bookcase in my room.  When I came back from the Army, I had gramma’s old white bookcase then added a brick and board bookcase.  When we moved into the big house, we had a giant bookcase along one wall in the living room.  Other bookcases sprouted here and there…always the white bookcase among them.

Today my life is still filled with bookcases, and I love them.  The living room has three…one is the old white bookcase.  This dark wood bookcase is one that George found in a dumpster.  The owners of the house charged him ten bucks, and he brought it home triumphantly.  It once had doors, but it has movable shelves.  Once it was out in a garage, and now it has biographies, poetry, quilting, G’s cribbage boards, and other comforting subjects like that.

At work my boss says the other shops have only one small bookcase each.  Not ours.  This week we have six bookcases.  Last week there were more.  I have so much fun with books on Wednesdays.

  • Himself:  Got out the bags.  Poles and tackle boxes to the ready.

  • Herself:  I’m told the dishwasher repair person is coming tomorrow.

  • Reading:  The new Jance on JP Beaumont.
  • Balance:Books of course.

    1. I wish I had a dollar for every cinder block I carted around so I could make bookcases. LOL!

    2. So happy for George...going fishing!

    3. Hope the fishing is good. And I have about 8 bookcases now....

    4. She who is a friend of books is never without a friend. From my Grandma

    5. What a nice corner. I could sit right down there with a book and be happy for hours!

    6. Books and bookcases are good. So is a nice chair to read in, and I see that you have one.

    7. I like your interior decorating.

    8. Love me some bookcases, and loads of books. If I sat in that lovely room in that chair with a book and coffee, I'd be there for days.


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