April 2, 2015


George’s company will not be moving the business down the coast closer to our house.  He will be able to continue working from home in his PJ’s…he does have some truly delightful robot PJ’s too.  I can’t tell you how exciting this is for us as our San Diego traffic jams are truly horrific things much like the frozen LA freeways in the 60’s. 

We cheer.  We continue cheering.  We jump up and down.  We celebrated by eating soup and salad out.  We are still unbelievably happy.

  • Himself:  Gym.  At work.  His personal computer began making some awful sounds.  This is his Friday.  Packing for the staycation.  Ice Cream social tonight with some awful local comedians and a good one out of LA.  Tomorrow fishing.
  • Herself:  Pool, packing, & updating laptop so I can post to Facebook Discovery Shop Point Loma and Great Curves.  The dishwasher repairman says he will be here today.  I confess to not washing dishes for three days.
  • Reading:  The new Jance Beaumont.
  • Balance:
  • Deciding what to pack and packing.  We can always come home and get whatever is forgotten.


    1. So glad he can continue to work from home. I would have loved doing that myself. Have a fun-filled staycation!

    2. Nice to work from home and avoid the commute. The dishes will keep ;-)

    3. Congrats to G. Awesome!

    4. Since retirement I have had to drive to the city twice this week and both times fighting rush hour traffic. I HATE it!! Looking forward to your posts on your staycation...I told you there was a book on that, didn't I.

    5. I thought a satiation meant you could get out of packing and stuff?

    6. Staycation....grrrr.

    7. Enjoy! This will probably add years to your life!


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