April 6, 2015

First Rose

The first rose of the holiday.  And it was a great vacation/staycation that had roses everywhere.  Sunshine, friends, conversations, gatherings, and meetings.  We had a flat out wonderful time.  After words we attended the business meeting, and signed up for a committee that interested us.  I can’t believe we did that, but we did. 

We ate too much, we talked just right, and we made new friends. What more can one want.

  • Himself:  Went fishing and caught fish.  Caught sunburn too.  Had a ball.  Spoke wonderfully at the Sunday Night Meeting too.
  • Herself:  Was very social…which was so good for me.  Had a ball, dribbled food down my front.  Put sugar in my coffee for three days.  Did all the fun stuff too.
  • Reading:  ”Bones Never Lie”
  • Balance:  Flat out loved the guided meditation class.

    1. Oh, any time you can make new friends is time well spent.

    2. Beautiful rose....So glad both of you had a good time.

    3. Ever since that best seller it seems bones are in many titles.

    4. Now that's a beautyful rose and you got a great photo. I could just eat it.

    5. We have a few roses blooming as well..so early for them!

    6. I love roses. I can't get them to grow here. They need cool weather. Sounds like you're having a pretty good time!

    7. We have just begun to see last years grass, but the roses will get here.

    8. Glad the weekend was good! And so happy for George!


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