April 14, 2015

In Focus

The last PT for the shoulder yesterday.  I’d given that last exercise list to G thinking it was a receipt.  Now that I’ve found it again, perhaps it needs to be laminated.  I’ll take it with me to the pool every morning. 

Somehow this last week, I’ve been feeling more positive about myself.  I climb stairs with more verve, clean up after myself with a dash more pizzazz, laugh more often at myself, and have more fun with the day to day stuff.  Stuff be me.  Maybe it’s the sunshine.

Perhaps in the end, when one thinks of oneself as an artist and photographer, it’s nice when one has a camera that works.

  • Himself:  Home and in bed a second day with no voice at all.  Sticking to his diet but adding leafy greens and berries.  No gym and lots of sleep.

  • Herself:  Post pictures to Facebook, pool, clean, keeping good friends like Seedys in my thoughts, laundry, no meeting, laundry, nap and blog.

  • Reading:  I rejoined the “Mystery Guild” as I have gotten tired of not seeing all the latest mysteries at Costco.

  • Balance:  Feeling that smile inside.


    1. I will expect lots more dash and pizzazz.

    2. Hurray for the smile inside.
      The header rose takes my breath away.

    3. This all sounds so good and in contrast to my slump. Geezer needs more colored foods...lots more, especially fruit and to hell with that diet. (Now have said my peace and hope you forgive me.)

    4. So good to feel some joie de vie, hope things keep coming roses for you.

    5. Once upon a time I belonged to the Mystery Guild. Great fun. I agree with Tabor. Just yesterday I read that the diet is hard on your heart (Harvard Medical Review newsletter? or W Post or both).

      I made soup today and put too much fresh ginger in it. We are now zipping around. Sun helps.

    6. My needs are few, but a working camera and computer are two of mine.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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