April 27, 2015


Very Orange.

Slowly I replace the jpgs that were moved and saved before the latest computer collapse.  Missing a granddaughter yesterday: brought granddaughter back today….that sort of thing.  The only photos I haven’t found are this year’s rose shots.

I love this rose photo, but it’s two years old.

G reminds me that I can go down to the valley and photograph roses.  I can do this.

  • Himself:  Only a slight cough.  Bread machine innards rusted frozen.  Bought another insert on eBay.  Lost enough weight to get into his shirts and sports coat again.  Progress.
  • Herself:  Have a plugged up nose but twice the energy I did yesterday.  More progress.
  • Reading:  More Crais.  “Taken” too scattered for this cold filled brain.  Trying another one today.
  • Balance:  Moving about.


    1. Had a mini crises from low calcium/D and now taking a dose and a half a day and it does give me more energy as well. Maybe that is the way for me to loose weight? Is this the new black for roses? I know, not funny!

    2. I love that rose too. I think Orange is the new garden color for me this year.

    3. Well that rose is definitely a beautiful color.

    4. I love that photo, too. It's splendid.


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