April 11, 2015

Such a Surprise

We were struggling with the start up on my computer, again, when the doorbell rang.  I let G answer it as I thought it might be nothing important.  Happy, joyous voices greeted my ears, and I started down.  Up the front stairs came a procession and last was my Oregon granddaughter Sahara.  We all started laughing, and we couldn’t stop.  Hugs were everywhere.

You have never seen a happier group. 

  • Himself:  Still struggling with my computer.  This time we have all the needed backup stuff loaded on my backup computer.  I told him that I wouldn’t turn it off until he found a solution to my start up problems.  He had fun with the granddaughters and is now at work.  Still Atkinsing.
  • Herself:  Very upset about my computer not starting 2 days in a row.  Great stuggles here.  Thrilled about having a camera that will focus again.
  • Reading:  Complications by Atul Gawande
  • Balance:  Napping.


    1. A joyous surprise! Sorry about the computers, super frustrating.

    2. Gwande is contagious. I read his other books, but Being Mortal is the tops.

      Fell again today. No no bones broken but hurt all over. Fell over my own feet (duh) and landed on the boxes of plants that arrived yesterday. Lots of broken stems. got to get them in their pots tomorrow.
      Yelled for David for 20 minutes but he's hard of hearing, and didn't notice until my dog scratched on th e door where he was napping.

      Sorry about your computer woes.

    3. Which one is your granddaughter? Cute girls.

    4. It was a nice surprise visit.

    5. When technologies take us down the road of depression a shot glass or two full of youthful enthusiasm is the best medicine!

    6. These girls look to be so much fun. What a treat to have them visit you.

      Blah, computer problems can be so frustrating. I had these problems when teaching and dealing with 5 computer labs in our business department. Do NOT miss those days. I got so weary of moving those big old towers and monitors around.

    7. Lovely young women. Hope the computer ailments are over soon. Some strange virus is trying to attack my computer, but so far the anti-virus software has kept it away.

    8. What a joyous thing to happen.


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