April 30, 2015

The Accomplishments...

Classic bling.

…of the day.

I cheated and skipped the pool today.  Yes, I did.  But I got dustballs off art, I cleaned corners in the upstairs bathroom, I finished a book, I recreated the Excel spreadsheets for March and April for Great Curves, and I haven’t had one big coughing fit all day. 

I feel quite triumphant about that.   Poor G seems to have a computer bug of similar nature to mine, and I don’t feel at all triumphant about that.  In fact, this collapse leads me to twinges of paranoia in re my backup computer. 

Lots of posting to Facebook tho.  We are having a jewelry sale at the store tomorrow, and we seem to have twice the quality and quantity of bling as usual.  I’m not a bling person myself having a tendency to like folk pieces, but much of the stuff we have is of amazing quality. 

I’d wear one of these.


  1. Ooooooh! Pretty bling!!

    And I'm so glad you're feeling better. I went back to Zumba today and had just a tiny coughing fit. (Thank goodness for the inhaler!)

  2. Glad you both are back to good health just in time for the better weather...of course, you guys have good weather year round. I like the bling, never wear it, but that 1920's style necklace on the right that is asymmetrical might just catch my eye!

  3. Ooooh, I love that sparkly stuff. Glad you and your pc are healthy.

  4. It looks nice but dated ... although I am no expert and probably wrong. Maybe jewellry never gets dated.

  5. Just looking at the bling makes me itch. I have very sensitive skin.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  6. i'm not into bling either. In fact, I think it looks god awful. I don't wear any jewelry anymore, haven't for years. Gave most of it to my granddaughters, including some antique pieces of Russian jewelry (amber). Some day, my wedding band may fit again...haha. My class ring already fits, but I never remember to wear it.

    Just as well that I gave up jewelry because I spend all my $$ on my dogs and parrots. Just today, I spent $$ on a vet visit for two parrots and bought another bird carrier.

  7. I thought you would have come home with more.

  8. Oh my! Those are pretty spectacular blings. Where would you wear them to? You'll have to get back to the pool though. :-)

  9. I have learned - painfully slowly - not to be tempted by bling. I works for some people but not moi.
    Love to see it on someone who can wear it.


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