April 7, 2015

Us Convention Goers

I’m feeling more like myself now that I am home and tucked into routine.  George isn’t.  He’s fighting himself by going on the Atkins diet once again.  He’s been quiet, withdrawn, but dogged about it.  Many years ago he lost 85 pounds on Atkins and kept it off for many years.  He’s determined to get his extra poundage off again.

Yes, I worry.  It’s not a healthy diet.

We had fun at our local Spring Roundup.  2337 attended this year, and I was surprised at how many friends we had there.  We again volunteered to usher at the main banquet thus missing high charges and the dry food.  We were at the same doors we have guarded for the last three years, and by now we know all the fancy folks who insisted on using the doors.  We love to people watch, and this was the place to do it.

I took two time slots to photograph roses.  Last year they had trimmed them late and there were no roses.  This year the world was perfumed with them.  I don’t know what the hotel will do with the roses and the new water restrictions.  I enjoyed them while I could.

  • Himself:  Quietly eating meat and cheese.  Lots of vitimines.
  • Herself:  Yesterday: Removed the contents of seven boxes of books and shelved them yesterday.  Today I culled giving mold, dusty, coffee stained, or broken spine books to Fr. Joe.  Cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, and yogurt here.
  • Reading:  Dipping into the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Bosch>Harry Bosch Series.
  • Balance:  Letting Joe price the books.

    1. Home and routine are my favorite things.

    2. I won't make noise about Atkins...but so wish he would just eat EVERYTHING and then just count calories and keep on his feet more. But I need to take such advice myself! I wondered myself what California was going to do with all its lovely botanical gardens.

    3. We have done the Atkins routine before, and that works pretty effectively, but is hard to maintain.

    4. Dieting is tough, and as soon as you come off Atkins, you tend to revert. You can't sustain Atkins, and you haven't learned any viable alternative eating habits in the interim. I know this from experience. In fact, I am pretty well an expert on what doesn't work.

    5. Love your roses! Best wishes to George. Hope he is careful. Sorry I have been AWOL. Just too damn busy.

    6. The Harry Bosch series is amazingly good, and long. And he's still pumping them out, though I think at this point he's got three main characters that he rotates in and out.

      My two favorite LA based mystery writers are Robert Crais and Michael Connelly, who are friends with each other (their main characters have done cameos in each other's books too). One time at the LA TImes Book Festival I spoke to both on the same day and relayed a message between the two. It was fab.

    7. Enjoy your roses while you may and pray for rain. Or do what Las Vegas does and recycle everything. Lake Mead is drying up too. I wish I could send you some rain. It rained twice while I was there las fall, and Richard thanked me for the rain.

      Tell George WW works. You can et all the protein you want. Veggies are my bane. Visited TJ today and stocked up. Now I have to eat them!


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