April 25, 2015


An opening view of the store.

My colds usually hit harder than G’s, and they last vastly longer.  I smoked more and longer than he…dumb me.  Now asthma, allergies, and continual bronchitis lead all colds to my lungs.  Yesterday despite my truly ugly sounding cough, I snuck out long enough to catch pictures of the Earth Day things at the store. 

At least I’m not contagious.  Today I had even more verve. 

I went to an estate sale with the G.  Tho I didn’t climb to the top of the four story house, I was out of my own home.  I always bring a book with me now.  He had his hair cut, and I read in the almost sunshine.  They didn’t do a bad job either.  I got a lot read.  After a diet breakfast out, I shot some of the other store.  Dresses.

All verve flees in the afternoon when I come home to collapse into a nap.  No great photos this day, but lots of out of the house.  I like that.

  • Himself:  Only a few coughs.  No museum.  It’s the gala fund raiser this year, and we didn’t go.  No money, darn it, even discount monies.
  • Herself:  See above.  LOL  I think I am getting better.  Recovering is such a long slow business when one has been a fool.
  • Reading:  More Crais.
  • Balance:  Naps.


    1. That dress in the photo looks so old fashioned and I am sure it is just me being to out of fashion. I am going shopping for clothes this next week for the France trip. Looking for long skirts and long pants in spring colors to hide me.

    2. The old saying: too soon old, too late smart.

    3. I like that outfit. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself. Good for you. zLove the plants, the grey outfit and the word verve. All favorites!!


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