April 28, 2015


Bobbie and George: They are a little like the detectives one sees on the back cover.

It’s really rather exciting when life begins to return. 
I was able to call in a prescription in the morning.  I even understood what I was doing.  I talked with Bobbie and understood her too.  When G made bread by hand after his bread machine died, I could smell it.  Frankly, it tasted wonderful too.  Wonderful is recovery too, as far as I am concerned.

I was able to correlate dinner last night….oh, nothing fancy, and I was able to enjoy eating it.  Today I’ll reshelve all my books from the last two weeks.  I’m not quitting my over-the-top disease attack tho.  Less Tylenol though but still pills, sprays, steam, more and more too as this cold truly knocked me on my ass.

Did I say that?

  • Himself:  The Gym for the second time this morning. Yesterday: Bread, work, lunch, work, meeting….he’s fully back into his life.

  • Herself:  Had to sleep with my head elevated last night.  I will go to work tomorrow.  We will see how I am coughing by Thursday whether I go to the pool or not.

  • Reading:  More Crais.

  • Balance:  Warmth and reading.


    1. If you are hot out there, try some limeade. I know they are expensive but I think they help the body to recover with their pungency. Make it strong in limes and sugar and sip it like an aperitif. I think "I am the memory and the repository of all lost pictures. :) " is a pretty good role!

    2. I used to have colds like that. Now I carry hand-di-wipes and clean my hands constantly. It has helped. That and getting David to clean his hands also, especially after he handles a shopping cart.

    3. Limes do the trick for me, just as you say, Tabor. I have a lime tree and usually have several on the tree, and I freeze juice , too, if there get to be too many limes to consume right away.

    4. I've just caught a little cold myself. I'm trying to cure myself with chicken soup.


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