May 21, 2015

A Bauer Pot

Bauer Black, Vintage, Mid-Century Jardine Vase.

I thought it just a dirty, black bowl and passed it by.  Later in the morning, I took a couple of photographs of it then turned it over.  Bauer, it said.  I knew that Bauer was one of the best of the California potters, and I even own two of their largest bowls.  As I left the store, I pointed out to one of our volunteers that the bowl had water spots and needed washing.

This morning, after the gym and breakfast, I tried to look up this bowl on the internet.  In an hour of research, I found only one similar bowl, but it had no price.  Other black pieces run from  seventy five dollars to a hundred something.  I think I will run down to the store this morning to make sure it got washed and priced fairly and get it up off floor level.  That might be nice.

  • Himself:  Tidy house, Gym, work, planning something for after dinner.
  • Herself:  Managed to get started half an hour late, but got a pot roast started in my new slow cooker that I have been afraid to use…everything in the old one came out dark brown. 
  • Reading:  The new Hillerman.  So far good.
  • Balance:  Sprinkles and black skies.


    1. I think I would have snatched it up, water spots and all. Great find.

    2. The paint should come off of it. Living better chemically.

    3. I think Hillarman's daughter is writing the new ones. Aunt Marge loved those mysteries, and I liked the PBS series based on the books with Wes Studi.

      Regarding the black pot, I'll take it. And it's not about the price, its beautiful!

    4. That pot is just the sort of style I love. Very minimalist. Of course, I wouldn't buy it as it would just be another thing to dust. I want less and less to dust.

    5. That is a good pot with a pleasing shape. The glaze gives it depth.

    6. Lovely pot! I have two Bauer mixing bowls and a gravy boat but nothing as elegant as this pot.

    7. That really is a gorgeous pot!


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