May 2, 2015

A Peaceful Easy Feeling

The three masted Barque Star of India with work being done on the bowsprit and the foremast before her next sail. 

Now in the early evening hours, there are faint clouds overhead and an orange tinge to the sky far out over the sea.  It’s been a glorious day.  Sunshine, gentle winds to stir the hair, and faint calls from some of the many crows in the neighborhood.  I feel much like the Star.  Worked on…but good.  George got a new suit from JC Penney’s.  I sat around a lot which included an attack of the head nodding midafternoon.  Grocery shopping later.  Glorious mundaneity.

Tomorrow, Sunday, by noon we will be very busy first cheering on the Padres and later at a meeting.  Sunscreen is right here.  Hats over there.  Perhaps we will wear layers as the weather is finally growing a few degrees cooler.

After all the madness in our lives, I am so grateful for these peaceful days.

  • Himself:  Bored at the museum.  Few attendees.
  • Herself:  A few bouts of coughing.  Eyes glued to a new book series.
  • Reading:  Linda Castillo’s Amish series.
  • Balance:  Meditation.


    1. Mundaneness. They should bottle and sell this stuff for all us elders and all the new parents!

    2. Ah yes, he afternoon nodding session. :)

    3. Lovely photo of a greatly ship. Happy you are happy.

    4. NIce to be becalmed at times.

    5. I'm glad George found a new suit at Penny's. They went out of business here in Hawaii. It's where I got my wedding gown for about $125 so very long ago.


    6. The picture and your description are perfect matches.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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