May 20, 2015


It’s a book day today at the store.  I’m trying to rearrange my life so I have a little more time up front to play with my photos and get ready leisurely before going in and getting dust covered. 

Today’s shot is one from the giant jewelry sale we are still having.  One woman bought incredible volumes of costume jewelry which, when donated, filled the store tables and surfaces to overflowing.   Many things are still there as they don’t seem to be the kind of styles women today still wear.

Personally, I do like these bracelets.

Would I wear them even on shipboard?  I don’t know.  I’m fond of the old style folk pieces, perhaps clunky by today’s standards, and they go well on larger ladies.   Someone bought them, and I truly hope they are enjoyed.

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  • Himself:  Gas up Grumpy, subro…is own queue, later Costco for things like V8.
  • Herself:  Starting life 20 minutes early hasn’t decapitated me.  No pain in the back.  Returned to all my situps as of today and feel triumphant.
  • Reading:  We Will Always Have Paris….an odd little memoir.
  • Balance:  Nice Moca with a new friend yesterday.


    1. They're pretty, but I never wear bracelets. They seem to always get in my way. I don't know why. Hmm... maybe I'll wear one to Zumba today anyway. What the heck.

    2. It's humid here, so jewelry and makeup don't do it for me. I have a pair of gold hoops, that's it. Anyway, I'm just happy to look clean and decent.

    3. Oh, I too love those bracelets, especially the top one. I wear a watch so not too sure how I would wear these bracelets, but if I had such bling, I would find a way.

    4. The bracelets are very very cool!

    5. The bracelet might be nice if you wore an unpatterned garment. However, these days, I think of the weight of something before I would wear it anywhere, and they look heavy to me.

    6. If youv'e got it flaunt it !
      They'd be great for a formal night dinner on a cruise.


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