May 16, 2015

Busy, Busy!!

It’s going to be a busy fun day today.  As I wrote on Facebook slightly expanded: Breakfast, Facebook three times, blog, get my hair cut while George washes the car, Lunch, Balboa Park and Museums till 4, Petco Park and dinner at the park before the ball game with Captain Poolie.

It was a busy fun day yesterday too.  The most important part of my day was finally figuring out what sprained all the muscles in the middle of my back and beginning the recovery.  The teacher wants us to wear belts around our waists.  The minute I put one on Wednesday, the pain let me figure it out.  Work: Few books on Wednesday.  A few more on Friday.  The store is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary, and I began photographing gold things to  put on the Facebook page.  The evening meeting was great with lots of old friends there that I hadn’t seen from  art class in the 90’s.  


  1. Good times. We have a local team now..the Nationals. Sometimes I think going to the ball park would be fun, then I remember those had benches and my back says NO!
    I wear a black belt all day. therapist says wear it at night too, but I don't.

  2. It's always fun to get your hair cut, isn't it? I have to cut Art's hair today.

    I'm so sorry about your sprained back. That is awful! I hope it gets better fast!

  3. Hope you and the Capt. had a grand time at the old ball game!


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