May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo

Pad Squad member and The Padre walking across the field.

It’s amateur drinking day here in along the border.  Sinko de Drinko some call it.  Wikipedia says, “The date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.”  It’s not the Mexican Day of Independence which is on September 16.

The local TV stations make a big fuss with the newest talent out there talking about it over and over again all day.  All the bars all over town crank up the mariachis.  Colorful décor abounds, and loud rock and roll bands are everywhere.  Add the fact that it’s Taco Tuesday, and life is going to be lively out there on the streets today. 

I was thinking about going to a noon AA meeting before groceries and more photography.

  • Himself:  Dentist: His teeth are perfect….of course.
  • Herself:  I have an appointment for two crowns.  Took a one hour nap Monday  and a one and a half hour nap yesterday.
  • Reading:  After “Stiffs” moving back to the Amish.
  • Balance:  Back in the pool.


    1. what do you call four drunk gringos???


    2. That's funny, George!!

      I see it as an excuse for a lot of non-Mexicans to get really gassed. And here on the East Coast, there's not an avocado to be found!

    3. Mage, Please 'friend' me on FB (Kathryn Ariano).

    4. I don't often get by. I regret that as I always enjoy your posts. I love the remark about Sinko de Drinko. That is too funny. We had tacos for lunch. Of course, I love Mexican food so much, I could eat it every single day.

    5. Just think, we might be speaking French if it hadn't been for that fellow and his army.

    6. No alcohol here but we did have fajita tacos.

      The "I'm not a robot" box is there. Let's see how it goes.

      Okay, had to type the words Nova Cowa.

    7. Woo hoo. My comment posted. Let's try it again.

    8. The fifth is celebrated around here also. Parades in some locales. And yes, any day will do for drinking, drugging and rowdy behavior.

      David spoke with 'Motocycle Girl' and she's okay but he said she was slurring her words. Immediately he wanted to help her. He asked her if she was okay about five times and she said i'm FINE!!

    9. You have so many Latino folks out that way, I am sure it is a big day for them as well as the gringos who just want to booze it up. We have a local Tiki bar holiday here, which is a disaster in terms of drinking, and we thus avoid the whole area for the weekend.

    10. We ate Mexican food yesterday. That was our Cinco de Mayo celebration.

    11. I avoid that holiday like the plague! I went to Santee with my sister for her last birthday dinner celebration.

    12. It's funny how when we lived in Chicago we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Here in Hawaii it's Boy's Day.


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